Core and Booty

Core and booty Class

This class is specially designed for those who have the specific goal to insist on the responsible muscle groups that would make them look amazing, core and booty.

Targeted Muscles

FIT23 Core and Booty program is designed to provide a total-body workout but insists on some key muscle groups that will make your body look amazing. While Boot Camp weight loss programs promote exercises designed to address nearly every aspect of fitness, a few areas receive special attention.

FIT23 Core and Booty program also focuses on the cardiovascular and strength aspect of fitness. The overall goal is to burn calories, reduce excess body weight, improve cardiovascular endurance and increase lean muscle mass.

Several of the exercises require the individual to maintain a specific posture, conditioning the core muscles of the body while other muscle groups are being exercised. For instance, when performing squats which primarily focus on the booty and legs,  required to maintain a rigid posture which exercises the core as well.

Exercises of this type provide a solid full-body workout. In doing so, FIT23  programs create an efficient use of your time. This allows an individual to complete an exercise routine that will promote effective weight loss, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle tissue and improved coordination and balance in under an hour.

There are many other benefits of a fitness boot camp, which includes mental health. It has long been known that regular aerobic exercise can help to reduce high blood pressurehypertension and combat stress. Part of this is due to the release of endorphins, which act as a mood elevator.

Core and Booty Benefits
  • Shape your body key parts
  • Gain fundamental Strength
  • Functional Movement Improvement
  • Force your body coordiation
  • Train in a group to get stronger
  • Always attended by a personal trainer
  • Mental health

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